About Us

Have you ever walked by an individual asking for food or money and wondered: ‘why doesn’t he just get a job?’  Isn’t that the natural reaction with most N. Americans?  We look at others through the lens of our fragmented nature.  God sees things a bit different.  He looks at the inside and asks: ‘Didn’t I create something special in this person?’ It’s possible you are the very person I am speaking of. We are reaching people everyday just like you.  Maybe you’re not homeless or devastated by hardships, but you are missing the grand purpose for which He created you.

Marriage Enrichment/Healthy Marriage & Family Initiative-RGV

Founded in 2009: Our Healthy Marriage Initiative is recognized by Nueces County Community Action Agency & TwogetherInTexas as a vital member of a Statewide campaign to curve the divorce rate and impact families with enrichment and tools for healthier living. To date we have served over 200 couples in Hidalgo, Cameron and Willacy counties. *Affiliated with Community Action Partnership

Pastoral Staff

About Paul Estrada/Lead Pastor-McAllen Life Church

After marrying my wife (Joanne) we served at a thriving pentecostal church and found our burden continued to move us toward God’s divine plan-to establish a relevant, family-centered church in McAllen with a passion to serve our community. In March 2009 we embarked on the challenge to bring McAllen Life Church into existence and believed God for His divine guidance. We have seen His hand direct our lives and bring families into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our desire is that people come to know their fullest potential in God´s Kingdom. Our 2 children Jocelyn Nicole & Josiah Paul get the privilege of serving alongside us as we present the gospel to families week to week. I think about Moses in the Old Testament and understand that he walked in the presence of God and was able to lead a nation out of bondage into God’s blessings... McAllen Life Church is part of a grand vision to equip & serve.

About Jose Estrada –Assistant/Executive Pastor

Serving others is what we do best.  Rev. Jose Estrada is a member of the United Pentecostal Church and was recently given the 10 year Milestone of Service to the UPCI.  His faithfulness and dedication include over 33 years of pastoral service and experience.  His motivation to serve gives him the ability to reach families with love and compassion.  We are honored to have his leadership and inspiration on our team. 

Partnering with Our Community

Warrior FamiliesUTPA/Texas Tropical provide support groups for soldiers returning from war or families affected by loved ones serving in the military…Our Healthy Marriages program is partnering to bring tools and enrichment to families that feel overwhelmed by these challenges. 
Texas Oncology Pastoral Care.  We are responsible for the many employees working with Cancer survivors and their families to bring peace of mind and direction to this unique community of champions.  We also Volunteer at the Annual Cancer Awareness Walk which attracts over 500 participants in McAllen,TX.

Ninos De Refugio/ Children’s Haven –Reynosa, Mexico.  An orphanage located in Northern Mexico which is home to over 50 children who depend on the donations and care of volunteers.  We began partnering with this organization in late 2008 with toys, children’s ministry and drives to assist in bringing hope and love to these beautiful little lives.

San Juan Police Department/Chaplain & Crisis Team*


Marriage Mentor/Family Enrichment- Founder Healthy Marriage & Family Initiative-RGV Certified: Prepare/Enrich, TwogetherInTexas,10 Great Dates.

Licensed Clergy-UPCI World-Wide Fellowship.

Police Chaplain-Certified Peace Officer for San Juan Police Dept. Chaplain Certification- Urshan Graduate School of Theology, 2009.

San Juan Police Dept/Chaplain* - Crisis Team Since Jan. ´09. Providing Spiritual care to police officers & their families including the community of San Juan, TX.

Prepare-Enrich-Providing relevant, easy-to-use, scientifically developed relationship-building tools for individuals & couples during every phase of the relationship life cycle.